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I told him, "honey, she wants to share her bone with you ... "  and he said, "babe, she wants me to take it from her with my mouth ... what do I do now?"  I told him .... "hey, you're the one who taught her to share everything she has with you ... do what's right, daddy" ....

The expression on his face is because Tiny didn't want him to take the bone in his hand (which was occupied playing with Tigger anyway) ... she kept offering it to his mouth ...

Guy Chatterton and Tiny Dancer, NC

The Evans' just got back from a vacation to Long Island, and of course the two ratties went with them 
This is Chi (left) Nothing like leather coats lined in lambswool to keep you warm on a chilly day while 
vacationing in Long Island, hmmmm?  And this is Mus, Chi's brother (right).  I think Mus here needs
to do a few hours' worth of running on the beach ... what 'cha think? 
Rocky is 5 pounds 3 years 
old and ready for the Holiday 

Mark and Diane Yohnk
Ladysmith Wi

Smiling Claire, owned by 
Electra Blair
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