Luna and our adult mini Sasha.
Owned by Robin Putnam
Thought you might like to see a picture of Nell. She is starting 
Puppy Kindergarten next week. 
She is a very loveable puppy but 
has a lot of energy!!!!

Barbara Skolones

Hello! Little Red Riding Hood 
Maggie is all ready for the snow!
And then She’s got her boots too!  
But Gabe has chewed one!
 Oh well! 
Love,  Mom MaryAnn Thurlow
I was cleaning the refrig and Sophie loves 
to help. she gets in the dishwasher, on 
cleaning day she loves my feather duster, 
so I had to get her one!!!
Owned by Gloria & Virgil Hare, AZ

This is Nissa, she is the most lovable little girl...she loves people, dog, cats. loves to chase but not catch bunny rabbits and has grown  into a beautiful rattie!
Gail Caruso
This is our Meatball..yup that's.......
what we decided to name him.
Thanks so much!

Vinny and Melissa Kinkade

Will someone please play with me?
Sasha, owned by Lori Dorr, ME

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