For Love Of The Bs

My Patches of New Life ... by Bart Lusty

The Type B terrier has got to be the best dog on the planet! God gave me my B dog, and I thank Him every day for that. She is my best friend (Patches)!  ThisTerrier loves everyone, and everything. My Type B is the best dog I have ever had!!! She is full of life, and no matter what she does, it makes me smile. I will always own a one! When Patches is gone it will be the worst day of my life. She is irreplaceable! But I will ask my pal in North Carolina to try to give me another wonderful soul as close as the one I have now, and I know she will come through! No one has as good a puppy than I do.

(This was written by Bart Lusty.  Bart actually physically rescued his
little Type B from an abusive home).

My Love for the Type B Rat Terrier ...
By: Terri Holt

How could you find a more American dog, than one that was developed in America, and not only
probably used by an American president for companionship (as well as pest control), but named after that
American president? How could you not feel regal just by owning
one? Of course to any one that is a Rat Terrier fancier, knows there is much more to owning a Rat Terrier,
than just feeling American pride of owning a presidents choice of dog.

I am an Alaskan breeder of both types of Rat Terriers. There are very few Rat Terriers up here, an even fewer Type Bs. I feel honored and proud to be the "pioneer" breeder of the Type B in Alaska. I love both types, and as a breeder I am intense on purity of the breeds
standards, from conformation to temperament. I do not believe in breeding the two together. The
differences between them are fascinating, and I feel are better off separated, much like someone who
enjoys wine, the Merlot is good, and if you like depth the Cabernet is even better. It's always nice to be able to admire and enjoy the differences in both outstanding creations.

      The Terriers are defiantly not an Alaskan breed for the winter weather, but I have found that we can
keep our dogs with us if we dress for the weather in parkas. My pals are always ready to sport their
fashion to be with us wherever we go. They are not a fussy dog, and take to being dressed all in stride. I
have found certain Type Bs having a preference to the clothes they have. One female will carry her shirt
around, when she's not wearing it, but I mostly feel it's her way of letting everyone know she's 100% of
what it says.. "wreckcreation".

    I feel the Type B, is a very intense Terrier, compared to his counterpart, the Type A Rat
Terrier. Both have all similar characteristics, but when you are owned by a B, their love is intense, and
you feel loved. To sum up the difference in the two, the B is two times more the terrier, than the type A.
This doesn't mean that they shred, steal, or are more menacing than the type A, they just are intense about
their everyday activities, they play intensely, love intensely, if they hunt, (or rat) it's done with a more
intense nature. Until you have owned one, you don't know what you have been missing!


My Type B by Gene Buchanan

To me " B" has more soul and love than the Type A. Also they are smart enough to get to you
(with love!) so you have to give in to what they want! See T-Bonz (in the picture) has soul like
his Dad (Smokeyjo - Tiny Dancer Kennel).

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