This PetMate Kennel Killed My Puppy!

Don’t let this happen to your beloved dog or puppy. This kennel is poorly designed as your puppy 
or dog can easily get the hooks undone. These hooks are what connect the sides to the top, bottom,
front and back to make the kennel “sturdy.” It is NOT sturdy and it is NOT safe! 
PetMate “Pet Home Wire Training Kennel”
(Purchased at Wal-Mart)
      My puppy was able to easily get one of the hooks unlatched that connected the front to the top; this created
 an opening that she attempted to jump through. Tragically, her legs and belly got stuck and I found her when
 I got home. Her belly was caught around the lock which caused her to slowly bleed to death internally. It was
 the most horrific sight I have ever seen and is etched in my memory forever. I believe she put up quite a fight
 in an attempt to survive.

     I can see an older and larger dog easily getting his head stuck in this type of opening resulting in possible
strangulation. Please do not risk your puppy or dog’s life and safety. And, PLEASE DO NOT BUY or USE THIS
PetMate Kennel.  I spoke with PetMate and they were completely cold and unsympathetic! Never once did they say, “I’m so sorry that happened” or “that must have been so horrible.” Sadly, PetMate is continuing to stand behind their deadly product and sell this kennel; they are also not interested in redesigning the kennel to make it safer. Additionally, PetMate was not willing to reimburse me for the money I invested in my puppy including the lost wages I incurred as a result of her death; I really didn’t think that was too much to ask for  considering their product KILLED MY DOG! Apparently, their “warranty” doesn’t cover that.

     Please spread the word to all dog owners and lovers about this horrible company that produces deadly and dangerous products for dogs and please please please, for the safety of your beloved dog, never purchase a PetMate kennel from this point forward.  Also, feel free to contact PetMate and let them know what you think of their company, their products, and how they handled this tragic occurrence.

 PetMate/Doskocil Manufacturing, Inc.Gary Baughman – CEO   P.O. Box 1246 Arlington, Texas USA 76004-1246

In Loving Memory of my Sweet Precious Jasmine, who didn't deserve to die
and certainly not in this horrific manner.

This article was not intended to discourage the use of crates for dogs and pups. Crates are crucial at the beginning stages in many situations of first owning a pup. Provided the kennel is of safe quality it provides a wonderful home for your pup, a private space and helps with training your pet. The average family can not keep a watch on there new friends all the time due to work schedules. It is at this time where crates can provide safety and sanity from chewing up your house or having the pup get into something that could be deadly or poisonous. Use common sense when getting a crate, look it over carefully. There are many different styles on the market. This particular one does not have good locking mechanisms and can be jarred loose fairly easily especially with an active pup.

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