Okay. If my mommy and poppy can do these things called resolutions, I guess I can too. Maybe.

1. I will eat less and exercise more. Sometimes.
2. I will beg less Ö unless itís in my best interest and Iím looking really cute that day.
3. I will recognize the difference between furniture and fire hydrants. Most of the time.
4. Iíll stay out of the catís litter box even though itís way fun and drives the cat nuts to see me in it.
5. I will be more tolerant of the vet. Yeah, right.
6. I wonít steal food as much Ö but all bets are off if itís right there in front of me.
7. Iíll introduce myself in more appropriate ways to my humansí friends Ė keeping my friendliness above the waist.
8. Iíll do better ďholding itĒ until morning, unless special considerations apply. Iíll decide what those specials considerations are.
9. Iíll bark at the mailman less although it works for both of us: keeps him on his toes and gives my self-esteem a boost when he retreats.
10. Iíll tolerate those home-made bandanas more even though I have to put up with the taunts of the other dogs.

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