In Memory
A very sad note ... Bonnie Turner of Georgia was killed in one of March's terrible tornadoes. Mrs. Bonnie was widely known in the rat terrier community, not only for her vast knowledge of rats and hairless terriers, but also for her great compassion towards all living things. Bonnie's husband, Michael, wound up in intensive care for wounds that he received during the tornado. During that horrible time, 35 of her dogs were killed, and more still missing and unaccounted for.

     Bonnie made many friends through the years, including many of our NRTA members. The photo shown here was taken in Hickory, NC, at the March Carolina Classic. These folks are breeders and also those that show the American Hairless Terrier, which was vastly promoted and very much loved by Bonnie. This was a memorial service for Bonnie, and the advent of the first annual Bonnie Turner Award of Excellence.

     Bonnie will be deeply missed.


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