Considerably less than a human child, but still there.

Listed below are approximate costs of basic care for dogs. Costs can vary widely, depending on where you live and specifics associated with each individual pet and breed (such as size and background health genetics). The cost of the actual dog can very from hundreds of dollars for a purebred, to being a free companion.


Veterinary Care / Laboratory Tests:          $100 - $200. +
Immunizations:                                              50 -  100. +
Internal / X-ternal Parasite control:              100. 150. +
Spay / Neuter :                                             60. 200. +
Food:                                                         150. 250. +
Miscellaneous (toys, collars, training, etc.)   200. 300. +

Total: $660. +


Veterinary Care / Laboratory Tests:         $50. - $125. +
Immunizations:                                           40  -    75. +
Parasite Preventatives:                             100. 150. +
Food:                                                      150. 300. +
Miscellaneous:                                         100. 300. +

Total: $440. +

Cost will vary considerably based on factors such as growth rate and size of the adult dog, types of food and unforeseen medical conditions. Generally, puppies require more routine medical attention than adult dogs; however, statistics show that older animals (those over 8 years old) will require more veterinary care than younger adults. You should also note that costs vary between stores, veterinarians and by region. Of course, a serious illness or injury, especially one requiring hospitalization, can very easily inflate this figure by several thousands of dollars. It is also dependent upon the level of comfort you lavish on your pet. Doggy daycares and regular grooming sessions will quickly add to the tally.

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