Adorable Rats
Some of Fair Oaks Rat Terriers. Owned by Darla Wilson CA
What a shot !!!
Sandy and Ziggy owned by Richard 
Litter of Pups owned by Eileen Stanley, WA
Giuseppi and Isabella bred by Fern Hills
Rat Terriers
Litter of Pups bred by Amston Lake
Rat Terriers, CT
Apricot and White Decker puppy bred by Seegmillers
Kennel, MO
Litter of Pups bred by Fern Hills Rat Terriers
PA, What Characters.......
Storm and Ziggy. Rat bred by Fair Oaks

Max owned by Isa bred by Casa de Rats
A Very Happy Spring
To All Our Members
And Rat Kids

Pogo owned by Heidi bred by Fern Hills
Sajuna Zeru owned by Beth Dorton. 
Bred by Fern Hills - original stock from .....
Casa de Rats

Cleo owned and bred by Tiny Dancer
Kennels NC----Type B
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